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This is the quick custom order menu and price guide. Order Custom Frames directly from here, and they will arrive to your door in three to six weeks.

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Ordering Guidlines

  • Once your quote is submitted, and we have the “go ahead” from you, we will send an invoice via Quickbooks. Please read over your invoice carefully to insure everything is accurate.

  • Payment in full is required to start your project(s) at the time of invoicing.

  • Please be sure to order 4 to 6 weeks minimum before your exhibition date!

  • Deadlines: If you have not received your order two weeks before your exhibiton date please contact us to check the status of your order. Meeting deadlines is a HUGE priority for us, and we have a good track record for not missing deadlines and we want to keep it that way, so please contact us if your deadline is near. Thank you!

  • Rush Orders are subject to an additional 25%-50% Charge if turnaround less than three weeks is desired.

    Important Notes:

  • An order of more than three or four frames (especially if they are random sizes) may take longer to produce.

  • The more custom options in the order will result in slower turn around time.

  • The weather, can result in slower turn around times. All Batican Frames are Hand Made by a small group of artisan frame makers. We are humans and that's what makes our frames beautiful and desirable. Each one is a work of art in itself. If it's extremely hot outside (Blazing Hot 100 Degrees+ or Freezing Cold nearly 33 Degrees, it may result in a slower turn around time.

  • Please order your frames in advance before your show, and/or buy as many ready made frames as you can when they come up for sale to be prepared ahead of time.


Thank you for choosing Batican Custom Framery!