Inspired by Great Design

By Nigel Robertson Oct. 18 2016

Our favorite frames were created from the 17th Century to the 19th Century and we aspire toward design from those eras. Framing knowledge is a little tricky to come by, so we have spent a number of years practicing and researching how to achieve our vision.  We have traveled far and wide seeing many different frame styles and methods of framing artwork. 


We began as artists framing our own oil paintings as just fun weekend wood working projects imagining how the masters did it. The frames we wanted were frames that you couldn't just walk into your average frame shop and buy. We wanted something special. With a little luck and a lot of commitment we are starting to achieve what we set out to do. Batican Custom Framery was created by artists with the artist's needs and desires in mind. We hope to build something amazing for you.

Rigid Hardwood Construction

After size and design is established we carefully construct our frames using hand selected hardwood. We choose straight knot free smooth, straight, planed wood and refine it further in in the workshop. 


Super Strong Miters

We use precision industrial quality chopping and joining equipment to construct Batican Frames. These frames are hard to break due to precision measurement and double reinforcement. We prefer our frames to appear as though they are one solid piece of wood.   The Batican has the right tools for the job.



Finishing Process

After construction we seal the frame, scuff, and do multiple coats of burnishing Clay pictured here. Burnishing clay is what makes the gilding really shine. The clay gets sanded smooth, and buffed to a shine before being gilded and painted.


Wax and Shine

After watergilding and painting we apply a final coat of shellac which is then left to dry. When the shellac has hardened a dark wax and rottenstone is applied to bring the frame to a beautiful rich sheen that is not glossy and not matte but just right.