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Due to a high volume of custom frame orders There is a ONE Month Turn around time.

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Hello, My name is Nigel.

And chances are, if you are reading this you are interested in getting a custom frame built. All BATICAN frames are currently built and gilt by me. We are a small bespoke frame shop based out of Fresno California. I currently have one GOOD assistant helping me, and I am looking for more. Especially in the building department!

       I am an academically trained painter and draughtsman who studied at The Florence Academy of Art. I have been a working artist for over ten years, and opened this custom closed corner frame shop because I wanted to put my paintings in awesome frames basically. I am offering my work, that I hold dear to my heart, to you.  I hope we can work together and make great things happen.


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-Nigel Robertson

September 24th 2017


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Custom frames we offer:

Below is our basic pricing sheet. If you have multiple frame orders please contact us and we will get you taken care of. We are working to refine our price list to be accurate and fair as possible.  We will soon be adding prices for sgraffito and pastiglia text and pattern work.  Framing is endless within the confines of four miters, so check back often as we are constantly refining.

price list sept 2017.jpg

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the craft we require you order at least ONE to TWO months in advance on custom orders. We take our custom orders very seriously and our goal is to never disappoint. We need time to perfect, and obsess. We need time to take our time, so that you get the best possible frame. The last thing we want to do is send you something half ass. If you are in a rush perhaps look at our READY MADE options. Our frames are designed and built to be as close to perfection as possible and that simply cannot be done in a pinch (maybe sometimes, but not usually.) As Artists we understand the desire to make a vision come to fruition as fast as possible, however it is your responsibility to order your frame in advance before your exhibition. Thank you.

*** Custom List Pricing Does Not include Shipping or Freight or Crate services***

***This is a baseline price guide, and will be updated in the near future. Prices are adjusted based on the complexity of the project.***

***This guide is merely for quoting purposes. Additional Pastiglia, Sgraffito, Text, gilding, or additional depth will naturally have added costs to the quote. These are base line prices. Please treat them as such. ***

Thank you!

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Even More Custom?

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Glossary of Terms


Framing is endless and that is exactly why we love it. There are an infinite number of combinations and styles that can be achieved with picture framing so that you may dress your artwork up exactly how you envision it in your mind. Hopefully this glossary can help you make some decisions on how to present your art in it's best light. At Batican we have specific tastes in frames that cater mainly to realists and representational artists. We are academically trained painters and draftsmen ourselves which is how we we led to this fine craft of frame making. We started doing it for ourselves, and now we do it for the love of art and-

for you!

-Let's Begin -


Casetta / Flat Panel Frame

The Casetta is a classic Italian frame style found in many museums across the world. This is one of our favorite styles of frame.  It is generally made out of flat strips of wood with trim added to the inside and outside of the frame to complete the look. it is a modular frame that can be modified and made wider, thinner and taller. It's a great platform to build ideas upon.


Tabernacle Frame

tabernacle frame. noun. 1. a frame, especially of the 18th century, around a doorway, niche, etc., that suggests a small building, characteristically one with a pediment and two pilasters on a base.

We LOVE making "Tabernacles" at Batican. It is a seemingly endless style, with as many variations as there are stars in the sky. They're also very tricky to construct. Our tabernacles are inspired by the frames found in museums in Florence, Rome and across the world. They can be as simple or as complex as you like.

We always enjoy the challenge.



Deluxe Museum Tabernacle Frames

This style Tabernacle Frame Features complex columns, with caps and bases, ledges and feet, as we call them. Often they feature arched windows as well. This our "NO HOLDS BARRED" frame that artists typically use for competitions and special projects where there is a clear aesthetic goal in mind. These are incredible labor intensive to construct and finish. The appearance is striking, and prevents the viewer from breaking focus from the artwork to the frame and back for long periods of time, essentially achieving the ultimate goal. These frames can be made as small or as large as desired. At BATICAN we have the capabilities.



sgraf·fi·to - a form of decoration made by scratching through a surface to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting color, typically done in plaster or stucco on walls, or in slip on ceramics before firing. At Batican we typically apply the sgraffito technique over watergilt gold leaf. This is a very difficult technique and success relies on getting a number of variables absolutely perfect to achieve the ideal look. All of our designs are original one of a kind patterns. We rarely re-use a design because it is destroyed in the process of application, meaning every time you see Sgraffito on one of our frames, it will also be the last time you see it on one of our frames as well. 



Pastiglia [paˈstiʎʎa], an Italian term meaning "pastework", is low relief decoration, normally modelled in gesso or white lead, applied to build up a surface that may then be gilded or painted, or left plain. The technique was used in a variety of ways in Italy during the Renaissance.

At Batican Custom Framery, we adore the pastiglia technique, and use it frequently. It's attractive and not too garrish like some ornamental framing counterparts. The only way to apply pastilia is by hand. There are no short cuts. It is a grueling process. Just like sgraffito, our designs are always original and one of a kind and rarely used again.




Flemish Corner Frame

There are many definitions for this style frame. Flemish corner happens to be the one that stuck with us. It's inspired by the dutch and Flemish renaissance frames found across northern Europe. We are particularly big fans of this style. It is recognized for its outset corners, which tend to give power to the artwork and draw the viewer in due to it's unorthodox nature. The frame pictured to the right is a custom order for Michael Hussar, a modern master. It features full 23 karat watergilding inside and out with 23k gilt Pastiglia on the flat section of the frame. We hope you like it as much as we do.